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Wednesday 14 April 2010


Last month I decided to apply a teaching-model called "Jigsaw". I thought it was pretty fun. I didn't feel exhausted, and my students learn without realizing that they were learning something.

I was teaching Reading Comprehension, and the theme was NATURE AND ENVIRONMENT. Well. I'm teaching 9th grade.

These are the steps:
1. I devided the class into groups containing 4 students. There are 9 groups. These are called "Core Group"
2. Each group is given an assignment, containing 4 tasks. Actually, the tasks are about the reading's content. Each people in the group does ONLY one task. So, people number one does task one, people number two does task two, etc.
3. I give them about 15 minutes to do the tasks.
4. After that, all people number one in each group gather together. So do all people number two, three, and four. There will be 4 groups containing 9 members. These are called "Expert Group".
5. In this group, each member should discuss the correct answers of the task. I give them 30 minutes for the groups to make discussion.
6. Next, each student in Expert Group get back to Core Group, and they explain their friends about the task.
7. Finally, the Core Group should make a report.
8. In the next meeting, I give them a test about the reading.

But, I have to confess one thing: I think the lesson activity can go well because the beautiful students I have this year! They are really nice and get involved in the activities. It makes the teaching-learning much much more easier. Thanks to you!

Well, they're only steps. But, what reliefs me a lot is that my students tell me that they like the kind of teaching-learning they've just made. I think, it's worthy to try :)

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