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Saturday 3 January 2015

My New Year's Resolution

I am not a person who makes a yearly resolution. My statistics recorded that it was only three times in my forty six years life that I made a new year's resolution.

The first one was in 2012. I was so driven by my on-line friends who made their resolutions, that I wrote down mine. My 2012's resolution was to have my book published in a major publisher. Well, it wasn't a resolution at all :p It obviously was a wish. Yet, my "resolution" seemed to be fulfilled. In February that year my script was certified by a major publisher.

The second one, again, was not a resolution. It was -again- a wish. I wished my script to be published in a certain major publisher. June 2013 answered my wish. I really had to thank God for that.

Having two "resolutions" accomplished in a row made me feel like I was sort of fairy-godmother that held a magic stick in my hand. I felt that I could ask anything. So, I found myself asking for more. There were four things I asked for. The funniest thing was those things I wanted were started by F. So, I called my "resolution" The Four Fs.

An Indonesian's proverb says "malang tak dapat ditolak, untung tak dapat diraih". So was my 2014's resolution. I was struggling with HNP (Herniated Nucleus Pulposus) during 2014. Together with depression and anxiety, this disease has been a challenging battle for me. And during the battle my resolution had transformed from fairy powder to fairy tale.

Now, as I started my new year, I felt a little bit hesitation in crafting my resolution. I really have no idea what my resolution will be. All I know that a resolution should be more a hard working rather than a magic word.

I want to keep my mind, soul, and body healthy by nurturing the positive side of everything and by loving myself more. I want to read more books, write as many stories as possible, eat more, workout regularly, and pray faithfully. If it sounds like a resolution, then, it must be, for me.

Happy New Year!


Pembatuan, January 4th, 2015

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