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Monday 20 June 2016


Title                             : BABUSHKA
Retold by                    : Sandra Ann Horn
Illustrator                    : Sophie Fatus
Publishers                    : Barefoot, Ltd (Great Britain), Barefoot Inc. (United States of

An old lady who spent her days sweeping, dusting, and polishing her house once got shocked as she found a mark on her windowpane. What she didn’t know was that the mark led her to an awesome journey, started with her greeting the angels who appeared at the front door as she rubbed the windowpane. The journey didn’t stop until Babushka found the one who finally filled her empty heart.
“Babushka” is a story which puts an old conventional Christmas story to another level in such a sweet way. The way Sandra Ann Horn conveys the story is heartwarming. While keeping the Christmas’ spirit alive, Ms. Horn spices the story up with sweet yet brilliant twists. Those twists make this book suitable for all seasons of the year, not just in the holiday season as it used to be.
Not only the story, the illustrations are also fascinating. This is the kind of book that will entertain children’s eyes and mind. No wonder that BBC Parenting said: “This is a lovely update of an old story, with great illustrations, that contains a valuable message about love”.
If you think some Christmas’ stories are boring and predictable, you should try reading this. I wish you would have the same (Christmas) excitement as I had.

Pekanbaru, 21 June 2016

Agnes Bemoe

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