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Tuesday 28 July 2015

Those Sweet Little Things

Although you are an author and a word-genius one, especially when it comes to romantic words, it is not your big words that melt me. It is the sweet little things you do that make me stay. 

It was my birthday, my first time with you. You came up with the idea to sing the Happy Birthday's Song through the phone, in the middle of the night, for me! Your sweet baritone voice warmed my heart. It was absolutely my best birthday surprise ever! I was like a five years old girl, having her first birthday party. Definitely, it made me smile all day long.

From the very beginning it is clear that I am the one with attitude. You actually have more than thousand reasons to give up on me. But you didn't. On the contrary, every time I lost my temper, you come and give me your big warm tight hug. 

I was horribly hospitalized. However, it was your every day company that helped me walk through that dark tunnel. Your being funny and half-full minded encouraged me, second by second. You never let me feel lonely, painful, or sad. I just couldn't thank you enough for that. 

It was raining dog and cat that day, when we had to rush ourselves to see a doctor. None of us brought an umbrella. You looked for a dry spot for me in front of a store and asked me to sit on that area while you managed yourself to find a taxi, in the pouring rain! 

Walking home from the doctor I mentioned prior, we found a little stall that sold meatballs and beverages. You, as usual, had a cup of coffee while I enjoyed drinking a cup of hot lime juice. It turned out that the coffee was so delicious that you asked me to taste it. And as if it was not gracious enough, you let me empty your cup. 

I do not have pictures to describe every little things you did to me. I wish I had. However, I remember every single things you've done to me. How you gave me your shoulder when I was tired and sleepy. How you brought my girly red hand bag through the mall since it was too heavy for my broken spine. How you stroke my head when I clumsily bumped my head toward the car's deck. 

I hope it will never end. But, as we both know, life become a tricky game for us. If only we just had the chance :(

I wish you luck. I wish you happiness. I wish you all the best. 

God loves you, and I do too....

Pembatuan, July 29th, 2015

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