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Tuesday 23 June 2015

Welcome Home

Do you believe that all dogs go to heaven? I do.
Do you believe that we can still communicate with our beloved one in heaven? I DO.

Thirteen days ago I lost my baby boy, Gabriel Oscar. It has been the most devastating 13 days of my life. Oscar was a super sweet lad. A clever and nice one as well. It's just so unfair that he was leaving so early.

Then, this morning I got this beautiful picture. Aniek Soetaryo, a dearest friend of mine posting it onto my fb's wall.

Receiving this, I was like chocking. The picture of Lord Jesus hugging a simple dog brought many tears to my eyes. It was about ten minutes after starring only to the picture when I found then words printed right on the top side. "Welcome home", it is said.

I was beyond speechless!

It was like my beautiful Oscar himself whispering to me: "Mami, I'm home. I'm with Him. He hugs and kisses me every single minute, just like you did."

Oh my! Am I able to finally release him? I don't know. But, knowing that he is now Home is huge to me. What is better than Home and Lord Jesus Himself? This thought eased my broken heart. Oscar is no longer around. However, we are still connected in all possible way we can imagine. I just cannot challenge my Lord Jesus in this point.

Through my dear friend, he spoke to me. For your record, my friend sent me the picture without knowing that I am in an ugly grief of loosing my sweet heart. She sent it just because she knows I am a frantic fan of dog. That it turned out to be something greater than just a picture, I think I know Who did this.


Pembatuan, June 23rd 2015

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