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Tuesday 6 July 2010

Classroom, Today_GOOD BYE

At last, I have to say “Good Bye” to all my students (and all my ex-students). Although the sentence I wrote prior was such a simple sentence, it really took me days to write it. Hard for me to say good bye to thing I live for, for the last seventeen years.

The most interesting in being your teacher was I learnt a lot, from you, my students. So, thanks for being the “real teacher” of my life. God bless you all. You’re always be my students in my heart.

Pekanbaru, Jully 7th 2010


  1. what do you mean? i just follow your blog and you want to leave me... what a pity.... love reading your post... ill miss it...

  2. Miss?
    You're not teaching anymore?
    My, such a pity.
    Well, I'm glad that at least i've felt how it like taught by you.

    May you enjoy your life, and keep remember us!

  3. @ Eva: believe me, that it was not my decision to leave the job i like most. But, i have to face it after all :)

    I'll try to keep writing about education, hopefully it will be useful for everyone who dedicate themselves to education..:)

    @ Lisa: thank you, Lisa. Keep being good girl :)
    P.S.: I'll never forget your helping me with "notebook-chaos". Do you remember that? When i gave you listening test using my notebook. It started to make trouble, and you were the only one who could help me... good job! :)

  4. Thanks, miss.
    By the way, i've started a blog few days ago.
    It's a books review corner. Visit me sometime...
    Maybe you can stop by every now and then ;)